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This ‘Railpictorial Gallery’ is dedicated to the memory of my dear brother Paul, an ardent railway photographer, who sadly passed away in April, 2009.


The Gallery is an ongoing project created for railway enthusiasts worldwide to view and hopefully enjoy my brother’s work. Part 1 of the Gallery includes all of Paul’s photographs taken up to the demise of steam on British Railways on that fateful day in August 1968. Part 2 are photographs of steam locomotives taken by Paul in Australia, India and South Africa in the 1970’s. Finally Part 3 will be to add to the Gallery all of Paul’s photographs taken post 1979 of Diesel Locomotives and Preserved UK Steam Locomotives.


All images in the gallery are scans from the original negatives using an Epson V700 scanner and displayed "as is" with no manipulation by Photoshop or any other similar software. Time does not permit individual attention to each photograph, however I do have hi-res image files available for private and or commercial use. Please  CONTACT ME  for further information.


Detailed information for each photograph has had to be interpreted from my brother’s sparse notes. Initially many mistakes were made but thanks to Bill Jamieson, who has spent many weeks of his time trawling through the gallery correcting my mistakes and providing information where none existed. Also, thanks to  Owen Brison for all of the Australian Steam Loco captions, thanks to Peter Fitton, David Hey, Daniel Holden-Storey, Robin Lush, Alan Castle, Chris Davies  and to all others who have contributed information for the Gallery.


Should you come across any further errors or can add to any of the captions, then I would gladly welcome your input.


All images appearing on the railpictorial.com web site are the exclusive property of myself, Mike Claxton, and are protected under United Kingdom and International Copyright laws. The images may not be reproduced, copied, transmitted or manipulated without the permission of myself, Mike Claxton.


No digital camera images in this collection ! - Paul started with a Kodak Brownie 127 in the late 50's quickly followed by a rather fine Zeiss Ikon Nettar. The move from 120 roll film cameras to a 35mm camera came in the form of a Kodak Retinette 1b in 1961 followed by  a Pentax S1a in 1965. The late seventies brought in a Nikon F [35mm] and in 1979 a Pentax 6x7, Paul was never seen without these two latter cameras which, although far too late for mainline steam, certainly recorded many diesel and preserved steam runnings.


January, 2015.